Aerodynamic loads

The wind also pushes

A frequent use of fluid dynamics is to determine the loads that the wind applies on various structures, whether they are rigid and or their flexibility is sufficient to cause interaction with the flow.

We have carried out numerous projects with this objective. Perhaps the more famous example was the study conducted for the 200 m crane that fell onto the roof of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, for which we also commissioned scaled-model tests in a wind tunnel.

Principia has also analysed for this purpose multiple bridges, the roof of the extension of the Reina Sofia Museum, the Riazor football stadium, the roof of Atocha railway station, protective structures for railways and motorways, the lampposts of the Oresund crossing, the suspension cables of a bridge, a 382 m high cylindrical tower, both photovoltaic and thermal solar plants, and many other structures.

PRINCIPIA Projects - Aerodynamic loads