Seismic hazard and risk

PRINCIPIA Consulting Seismic hazard and risk

Seismic hazard analysis

Natural catastrophes, particularly earthquakes, have been one of Principia’s key areas of activity since we started the company back in 1979.

Over the last 40 years we have worked on a couple of hundred projects dealing with seismology and/or earthquake engineering, spanning practically all regions of the world. From tsunami hazard studies in areas like Algeria, Huelva or Chile, to analyses of the seismic hazard for over 50 sites worldwide.

Principia participates in the Seismic Subgroup of the European Nuclear Agency and in Working Area 1 of the ISSC (International Seismic Safety Centre) of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Principia is also involved in the SSHAC (Senior Seismic Hazard Analysis Committee) processes of the nuclear power plants in Spain, Finland and Turkey.

PRINCIPIA Consulting Seismic hazard and risk