Communication is key in the success of digitalisation: the case of ILPEA GALVARPLAST

06-04-2022 | Posted by Principia

La comunicación es clave en el éxito de la digitalización: el caso ILPEA GALVARPLAST

Listening to Julián Calderón, IT Manager of ILPEA GALVARPLAST, talk about managing the change to implement the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, something stands out particularly: the ease with which they undertook the process. 

It all started in Christmas 2017 when Imma Fábregas, head of product engineering, tried to organise the information in directories, folders and subfolders, noting that the reliability of the design and engineering data would be in danger unless consistency and integrity could be assured. This sprang the transformation at  ILPEA GALVARPLAST, an industrial firm dedicated to development and manufacturing of fluid transmission systems for vehicles.

And this requires experienced partners to help you address the challenges successfully, without losing control, with guidelines to avoid chaos or unplanned hyperaction. In this transition, Principia accompanied the ILPEA team in a safe and orderly manner thanks to a perfect control of the process and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with the collaboration of Dassault Systèmes.

ILPEA reached the conclusion that there are no magic formulae, nor unattainable objectives, and realised that errors are part of the process. A difficult task when trying to lead a change that sparks refusal and frustration in many industrial firms. Julián states that the key is to have clear concepts: what, how, when and, particularly, why. If one is able to communicate those and counts on a committed team to drive the process, 80% is already achieved. The rest are the details of the needs of each role.
La comunicación es clave en el éxito de la digitalización: el caso ILPEA GALVARPLAST

Julián has always used a serene and conciliatory tone, essential for leading the multidisciplinary team that ILPEA put in place, involving product and process engineering, as well as the commercial and IT departments. He started by investigating how best to digitise the information and created a roadmap to foster the engagement of all parties involved.

There lies a key factor that may mark the difference between success and failure of the company’s digitalisation process: a leader within the company guiding all the parties, setting the timing, and eliminating possible vagaries in favour of the common objective.

There are many factors that encourage the change, never easy nor fast, to be successful, but the team carrying it out is paramount; both internally, involving those that can show the benefits to the rest of the firm, and externally, collaborating with partners able to understand the company’s idiosyncrasy and competent to manage projects such as the collaborative platform.
La comunicación es clave en el éxito de la digitalización: el caso ILPEA GALVARPLAST

Fluid communication, active listening, awareness of the effort-benefit ratio, and a team of professionals committed to implementing the change, all are essential in every process of digital transformation.

“My main mission has been to ensure cohesion, especially to achieve well-tuned communication, without pending doubts, between the ILPEA team (Jordi Verdú and Samuel Espinalt, apart from Imma Fábregas and myself) and the consultants of Dassault Systèmes (Eudald Carrera) and Principia (Francisco Riera and David Guillén)”, says Julián.

Not easy, but the objective must be clear. The scope may evolve, but knowing what must be achieved is part of the success of the mission. And, above all, be ambitious. Like Yoda said: “Do. Or do not. There is no try”.

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