3DEXPERIENCE Platform: Beyond PLM

15-09-2020 | Posted by Principia

Plataforma 3DEXPERIENCE más allá del PLM

The organisation and management of information in a project generates frequent headaches to the engineering teams involved and the IT staff supporting it.

Increasingly, the life-cycle management of the products manufactured by a company yields a competitive advantage if well done and constitutes a problem otherwise.

3dexperience más allá del PLMTraditionally, the life cycle of a product is managed through a PLM system, from its conception and design to its final disappearance and elimination, including all the intermediate manufacturing and commercialisation phases. Tools and technologies potentially involved from conception to production include design (CAD), analysis and simulation (CAE), product management (PDM), even automated manufacturing (MES). The technologies that support the various phases, if not properly integrated, risk becoming information islands, disconnected and independent, which normally entails inefficiencies, cost overruns, errors and headaches.

The various processes are normally interconnected through the BOM, which gathers the materials and components needed to make a given product. But problems arise because each process employs a different BOM, which may cause expensive errors.

Hence, to achieve a true digitisation of the complete manufacturing process, one must go beyond the traditional BOM. The data must be enriched with additional attributes, which allow providing from manufacturing instructions to the actual planning. This extended concept is the one known as MBOM (Manufacturing BOM).

Thanks to this enrichment, different scenarios and workloads can be simulated, allowing the selection of optimal conditions, the calculation of times involved in each step, with variables from the real world to validate the consistency of the process and its alternatives: unexpected interruptions, supply failures, and possible bottlenecks.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows the different departments to coordinate their work using a single source of data, fed by their respective contributions. The bill of materials also serves as a link that connects the supply chain, management of supply and production, with the financial management, when connected to the firm’s ERP.

The digital continuity offered by platforms such as 3DEXPERIENCE guarantees this collaboration, also including some undeniable advantages:

  • Technological integration based on digital continuity
  • Elimination of data dispersion and information islands
  • Reduction of time-to-market and development and commercialisation costs
  • Elimination of errors in documents

If you need advice for optimising you processes, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you digitise and optimise the design and manufacturing of your products.


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