What is an industrial collaborative platform and what are its advantages?

28-03-2023 | Posted by Principia

Plataforma colaborativa industrial

A collaborative platform is a virtual environment that centralises tools and resources to ensure efficiency in the development of projects, improving personal interaction and including the capabilities of the social networks to facilitate communications and company processes.

To work in a collaborative platform implies sharing a digital working space where information is updated as it is modified, and all participants know the current state of the project. 

In this manner all the company departments can work in the same environment, sharing information, evaluating processes, and making decisions based on updated data. It is a modern working experience, available in situ or in public and/or private cloud environments.

The basic goal of a collaborative platform is to improve efficiency. A team that works with updated information in a shared environment is far more efficient than one receiving email notifications of the updates. The platform allows knowing all the phases of the project, who has pending tasks, the modifications performed, the next steps and who must take them.

Files can be shared in multiple formats and users can open them simply using the platform, irrespective of the program used to generate them.

In brief, it is an innovative solution for companies trying to optimise the management of their projects, prevent unnecessary errors, promote a culture of continuous improvement, and, foremost, rely on collaborative innovation. Its main advantages are:

  1. Using the time to generate value for the company and not for managing an administrative maze, thus improving productivity and the working environment. Too many companies still force their staff to waste time looking for information for monitoring projects with inadequate tools like spreadsheets.
  2. Improving communication in projects, forgoing updating meetings, repeating tasks, or duplicating approvals. The centralised information provides the right data, in the right moment and to the right person, with notifications that simplify the daily tasks.
  3. Establishing a knowledge centre that allows reusing previous work in future projects, exploiting the experience and knowledge of the firm.
  4. Promoting innovation as the key component of corporate culture, creating processes that foster the development, presentation, and evaluation of new ideas, as well as the way in which they can become real commercial projects.

Nowadays a collaborative platform gives a competitive advantage to any company with complex projects. We at Principia work with the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform, which furthermore integrates the multiple tools and technologies of Dassault Systèmes as applications accessible via a modern interface.

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