A single source of information for industrial firms

05-11-2020 | Posted by Principia

Una única fuente de información para la empresa industrial

Technology has accelerated innovation or perhaps it is innovation that is fostering technological developments. Be as it may, today’s industry is facing major challenges because of an ever more complex environment, the effects of the pandemic on the economy, and the need to offer added value to fight the competition.

Size is not of the essence to develop projects marking the difference, what matters is our ability to optimise our creation and manufacturing processes, advancing delivery times and reducing the investment of time and resources.

This requires an operation that works smoothly and like a clock. Poor planning of supplies affects production and may cause a drop in sales. Or if we use superseded standards, the product may not satisfy the requirements, quality suffers, and we appear as an unreliable brand.
Una única fuente de información para la empresa industrial

Too often this is the result of inefficiencies in document management. How many of us could raise a hand saying we never encountered multiple undated versions of the same design, or drawings modified by someone unknown? Ambiguities cause losing many hours in checks, failures and redoing tasks whose supervision was not controlled.

Correctly managing modifications in materials, costs, compliance, data management, and administration take a key role in preliminary analyses. Moreover, the digital transformation and the growing use of IoT devices are affording a greater role for product life management (PLM) solutions in various industries. Small and medium companies are increasingly demanding PLM solutions to optimise manufacturing.

This implies new ways of working, increasing the connectivity of all the actors involved through digital platforms that allow working on permanently updated documents, designs, etc.

COVID-19 has shown the need to find different ways of remote working on the cloud, adapted to the collaborative management of resources, to remain competitive in today’s world. Managing projects and processes from different places requires platforms that further optimise efforts, avoiding unnecessary wastes and improving interactions between design, production and sales.

Una única fuente de información para la empresa industrialLet’s stop sending folders full of spreadsheets and trying to locate the most recent version of a design drawing; we should instead create connected lists of materials that allow controlling manufacturing in real time, efficiently and, ultimately, improving our customers’ experience.

As with any software, there are different levels of sophistication for different types of users. We at Principia work with the 3DExperience platform and can help you find the most suitable solution, adapted to your design processes and available resources.

Go to our webpage and we will be happy to provide free advice about a platform on the cloud for PLM. It is now more accessible than ever for small and medium firms. We will help you to grow more and, particularly, better. After all, the best one can do is search for a single source of truth.

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