3DEXPERIENCE On Cloud: how to avoid time loss managing information

20-01-2021 | Posted by Principia


The mass consumer market is constantly requiring greater innovation and customization to the specific needs of the clients. This implies that there is less time for the development of new products and that their manufacturing must be optimized to reduce the time-to-market.

Both competition and customer requirements call for swifter and more effective design and evolution of the product. According to Tech-Clarity, the innovation consultant, the five key elements that differentiate a product are:

  1. Providing exceptional quality
  2. Achieving high product performance
  3. Reducing prices
  4. Being the first to reach the market
  5. Being more innovative

But human and financial resources are limited. Anybody who has worked in this field knows the main problems that product development engineers usually encounter: checking the starting data, which entails a search for digital information on previous products on which the new ones are based, reproducing the missing information, integrating this information to transmit it to third parties, and incorporating the changes from them. Manually managing this process hinders the development of new products.

Many statistics document improvements in process efficiency, but perhaps the more relevant one is that 82% of product development engineers believe they would be far more efficient if they could have the information in real time or, at least, within the same day. They also admit that a project may be delayed by up to 3 days while updating information from third parties.

And then there are the financial costs implied: delays in launching, inefficiencies, product redesigns and, above all, a lesser quality of the end-result.

According to Tech-Clarity, the best manufacturers have a date compliance index 8% higher, mainly due to the fact that 85% of them manage the information through an integrated digital system rather than using folders and emails.

Beyond PLM

3dexperience on cloud

Imagine for a second that, instead of having the digital information in folders on our server, we have it on cloud with maximum security and accessibility. Imagine that all project participants have access in real time to any modifications and can also comment and visualize the changes; imagine that we can all see at any time the state of the product (under development, paused, completed, etc.); lastly, imagine that we can assign roles and plan what each participant must do and when.

Well, all this is feasible with the platform 3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud, a friendly environment that allows having all the product information in one place and in real time, a single source of truth.

In Principia we help companies to optimise their innovation with 3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud, substantially reducing the product development times and minimising the inefficiencies incurred by information management systems that do not update data in real time, multiplying the chances of errors.

This solution outperforms the traditional PLM and, through a user subscription model, does away with installation, delays, and customised developments. It is a collaborative platform, with a very affordable cost, that helps companies to improve their efficiency in all aspects, and that allows us to be more competitive in an environment where changes and uncertainties are the rule.

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