3DEXPERIENCE: innovation for sustainability

10-05-2023 | Posted by Principia

3DExperience: innovación para la sostenibilidad

Reducing the amount of plastic used in packaging, minimising energy consumption in industry, eliminating non-recyclable materials in products… these are some of the challenges being faced by companies if they want to remain up to speed and competitive adopting a circular energy model.

It is not just a matter of regulation, in line for example with the European Green Deal, but one of economy. The need to be sustainable stems from clients’ demands: to stand out from the competition we need better products, more durable and, above all, with lesser impact on the environment.

Industrial suppliers involved in product development for large markets have no option. Coca-Cola has done away with its green Sprite bottles; Procter&Gamble is reducing the weight of containers and offering reusable options, besides soap bars and a whole series of products to minimise plastic use; Bodegas Torres has pledged to reduce by 30% its emissions per wine bottle… They are but examples of a movement that is gathering up speed.

Creating sustainable value is productive in the long term. Consumers are increasingly demanding companies to deliver, a tendency that has only grown over the last decade. According to “Me, my life, my wallet”, a study by KPMG, 87% of consumers consider that companies are responsible for making products that last and are easy to fix and reuse.

Innovate to be sustainable

To satisfy consumer demands companies must keep a culture of innovation, ready to incorporate changes in products and processes. And changes must be agile and reach the market quickly.

To stand out from the competition in a world with almost infinite supply is not easy. It requires a clear leadership that allows experimenting and that values creativity and lateral thinking for the benefit of the whole organisation, but also tools to analyse the feasibility of the proposals and their production processes, optimising the use of the resources, which also affects sustainability.

Any process or product development that reduces materials consumption, product losses, defect rates, energy use, or production times improves sustainability.

3DEXPERIENCE® is a collaborative platform that allows a holistic analysis of products, processes, and the business to maximise efficiency in the organisation. 3DEXPERIENCE® simplifies entering modifications in real time and collective participation, allowing the incorporation of changes in any project for their later feasibility analysis by any of the actors involved.

3DExperience: innovation for sustainability

The advantages of the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform for improving industrial sustainability through innovation are:

  • It enhances collaboration and reduces delays between the conceptual and prototype development phases, shortening the time to market.
  • Having a common infrastructure, it allows all to share ideas, plan and work using a common language.
  • Thanks to a immersive 3D experience, it provides a virtual simulation of the manufacturing process to generate comments and make the necessary adjustments.
  • It allows creating experiences through virtual twins to incorporate knowledge and knowhow continuously, thus reducing the testing and learning processes.
  • Projects under development can be compared with previous ones, thus potential problems can be detected before they lead to costs in the manufacturing or post-sale phases.
  • It promotes better practices by having access to information from previous projects, such as design libraries, project templates, and quality profiles.

We at Principia have been helping industry to innovate products and processes using software tools for over 40 years. If you would like to know how the platform can improve your results, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to advise you.