The benefits of cloud in industry

09-03-2022 | Posted by Principia

Los beneficios del cloud en la industria

Companies with solutions based on cloud computing technology have adapted better to remote working. They also found it easier to maintain productivity. The study Taking Cloud to the Next Level in Europe: IDC’s Cloud Predictions for 2021 finds that cloud answers effectively the demands of the future.

IDC states that the trials are over: 80% of European firms offer commercial applications from a public or private cloud. It is predicted that, until 2023, companies will continue modernising applications and integrating data on cloud. Some 20% will adopt connected cloud architectures to overcome the challenges.

Increasing use

Internet connected firms that acquire cloud services have increased to 28.1% in 2019 from 15% in 2014. These are indicators from Eurostat and INE about the use of cloud computing in Europe and Spain.

Large corporations were the forerunners because its use simplifies and speeds up a large spectrum of internal tasks (62.1% of firms). SMEs lagged somewhat behind (42% of medium and 24.4% of small firms).

The future of cloud

Those who did not implement cloud will find things progressively more complicated because emerging developments change expectations and results.

Los beneficios del cloud en la industriaIn the case of cloud computing, edge and fog computing will be the two new tendencies to consider. 

In 2023, IDC expects that traditional corporate data centres will open to edge computing solutions, hosting 50% of new infrastructure installations, from a current share below 10%. Edge computing allows data analysis almost in real time, in microseconds, rather than a passive storage.

Fog computing expands the cloud computing technology and allow the analysis to be carried out near the connected devices, creating multiple nodes in the different devices. This improves decision making, using updated information to optimise productivity and company processes.

Cloud solutions vs physical installations

For those worried about working on cloud because of security concerns or simply lack of knowledge, here are some of the main advantages of adopting cloud working. It is not just about costs, but about flexibility and ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

A physical infrastructure entails:

• Lengthy implementation
• Expensive customisation
• Dependent on IT resources
• Protracted new versions
• Costly updates
• Aggregated hardware costs
• Large initial investment

By contrast, cloud-based solutions offer:

• Quick returns
• Non-technical configuration
• Null or minor IT participation
• Frequent new versions
• Updates included
• No hardware costs
• Subscription model

When considering the advantages of cloud for product development and manufacturing,  the platform 3DEXPERIENCE® on Cloud integrates as applications different tools and technologies from Dassault Systèmes. It reduces the product development time and optimises the management of digital information, where data may not be updated in real time, thus increasing the possibility of errors.
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