Matrix, simulation and 3DEXPERIENCE

09-02-2022 | Posted by Principia

Matrix, la simulación y 3DEXPERIENCE

Titled Resurrections, the last Matrix saga has made us recall the extraordinary impact that the movie had around 1999: without the Architect’s simulation, Neo would not face the decision of having to choose between the red and blue pills.

It is yet another example of the power of science fiction to create unimaginable worlds, which sometimes may become real. Just 40 or 50 years ago it was almost inconceivable that software would be able to design, model and simulate accurately the manufacturing of objects and devices or industrial and production processes.

Nowadays we can perform tests that reproduce precisely the conditions without having to resort to physical prototypes; this allows virtual validation of any structural design, however complex. The possibilities of innovation in collaborative environments using simulation software and its applications, such as the digital twin, are practically infinite.

Benefits of simulation in real cases 

Collaborative simulation platforms already answer present and future innovation challenges: the aerospace industry, the new mobility paradigms and the medical sector already benefit from the great opportunities offered by simulation and virtual twins.

For example, in aerospace, planes must be certified for bird impacts, which are not uncommon during take-off and landing operations. Simulation allows reducing the number of physical tests, far more expensive than the virtual ones. And the same occurs with aerodynamics and other aspects.

Another application is eVTOL vehicles (electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing). Digital prototyping and the collaborative virtual simulation afforded by 3DEXPERIENCE, CATIA, SIMULIA PowerFLOW, XFlow and Abaqus simplify the launching of projects, currently some 155 of them, involving investments of over $1b.

In the medical sector, the Living Heart Project is under development, allowing the collaboration of all participants, from cardiovascular researchers and educators to regulatory agencies, to generate and verify reliable models of the human heart and implanted devices.

SIMULIA has also been integrated in the SpecifEye software to simulate by finite elements the effects of surgical techniques on a virtual model of the human eye.

A collaborative and flexible environment

In any case, in many sectors the real benefit arises from being able to join a virtual collaborative environment, Matrix-like.

3DEXPERIENCE generates a collaborative working space able to integrate all the departments of one or more companies, to share information, integrate processes, and take decisions in real time.

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