3DEXPERIENCE and Tony Stark’s digital twin

19-02-2020 | Posted by Principia

3DEXPERIENCE y el gemelo digital de Tony Stark

In 2008, Tony Stark was making high-technology weapons and, by the vagaries of destiny, had to reinvent himself. And so Ironman was born, in a remote desert cave, based on some rudimentary drawings, scrap metal parts and… Stark’s ingenuity and innovative spirit.

Ten years later, Ironman had myriad variants that Stark’s acumen created using sophisticated AI, based on digital twins, able to analyse huge amounts of data and iterations before making a physical prototype.

OK, this is just science-fiction and, for the time being, we are far from such sophistication, but once again science fiction is but a harbinger of reality.

The digital twin is certainly the greatest and most disruptive technological advance in the revolution associated with the so-called Industry 4.0, which hinges on innovation on the development of new products and processes.

A study by Gartner forecasts that, in 2021, next year, half of the large industrial corporations will be using digital twins to improve the efficiency of their processes. Furthermore, as in the case of Ironman, simulation based on virtual twins allows manufacturing customised products, specific for each case, without hindering process efficiency, rather the contrary.
3dexperience y el gemelos digital de tony stark

It is not just a question of having a virtual representation of a physical object on which to work and predict its behaviour by multiphysics simulation prior to prototyping, but also one of reducing the development costs and harmful emissions.

And not just physical objects, production processes are also amenable to a digital twin, avoiding idle periods and managing preventive maintenance more efficiently by improving decision making using analysis of the data produced by the virtual representation.

Thus, the real power of digital twins develops in collaborative environments that foster the exchange of information, experience and knowledge between all members of the team (from design engineers to post-sales services, including the production and marketing departments), in a consistent manner and preserving the integrity of the data.

Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platform allows accurate and detailed simulation of highly complex environments, accessing all the elements through a single cloud-based interface that connects engineering, marketing and sales, sharing the same 3D designs, analyses produced by simulation, and collaboration tools.

Because the idea is not to send each other partial and isolated results, but to share the global results of the simulation of any product or process, however complex, throughout its life cycle, for a better final outcome.

Tony Stark was a visionary that revolutionised the superheroes industry with its digital twin. Imagine what he could have achieved with 3DEXPERIENCE.