Presencia de Principia en Simulia Community Conference 2014

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Principia presente en la SCC 2014 del 19 al 22 de mayo como ponente. El artículo presentado es:

Analysis of Pressure Transients and Cavitation in a Distributor

Patricia González, Javier Rodríguez, Joaquín Martí, and Francisco Martínez

Principia, Velázquez 94, 28006 Madrid, Spain


Piping systems undergoing pressure transients may experience cavitation, thus giving rise to very complex dynamic effects in the fluid-structure system. As water pressures try to become negative, cavitation causes vapour volumes to develop inside the liquid, which interfere with the normal transmission of pressure waves in the liquid. Subsequently those vapour volumes collapse and the associated impacts between moving water columns will produce new overpressures which again are transmitted as waves in the system.

Principia has recently managed to simulate successfully a problem of that kind. The problem concerns a large distributor, branching into four legs. During pressure testing of the distributor the weld securing the bulkhead failed, which triggered the type of phenomena described in the previous paragraph.

The basic strategy adopted for the simulation was to model the piping system by means of shell elements and to use acoustic elements to represent the water, endowed with an appropriate equation of state in order to handle the phase changes associated with cavitation and collapse of the vapour volumes.

Although the calculations had to be carried out in the absence of any information about the events triggered by the accident, it could later be seen that there was very good consistency between the results obtained and the observations made about the