What can electromagnetic simulation do for your health?

23-03-2021 | Posted by Principia

¿Qué puede hacer la simulación electromagnética por tu salud?

When flying, we have all heard that all mobile devices must be switched off during take-off and landing to avoid possible interferences with flight instruments. Apart from that, there are other interferences, of which perhaps we are not so conscious but that may affect our personal wellbeing.

We are not talking about the concern generated years ago by the health implications of the electromagnetic radiation from the first generations of antennas and mobile phones, nowadays subject to stringent regulations that guarantee a high level of protection, but of the effects on the operation of implanted vital devices.

We interact daily with numerous electronic devices, Bluetooth music players, generators, metal detectors, anti-theft systems, mobile phones, etc, that generate electromagnetic fields that may cause interferences with some vital health devices, such as implanted defibrillators or pacemakers.

Electromagnetic simulation is the only way to analyse and understand the distribution of the electromagnetic fields in the body and identify their potential dangers.

Perhaps the more pervasive case is that of mobile phones, since we all carry one everywhere and use it frequently. Like other electronic devices near the human body, they require a certification based on the specific absorption rate (SAR), which indicates the energy absorbed by the body.

¿Qué puede hacer la simulación electromagnética por tu salud?

These analyses are obviously not conducted by subjecting volunteers to magnetic fields, they are based on simulation tools such as SIMULIA CST Studio Suite, which determine the values, thus allowing engineers to estimate and minimise them from the initial design phases.

Such software programs evaluate the effects on the human body of both mobile phones and pacemakers, based on sophisticated calculations that determine the heat generated and the effects of that temperature distribution on live tissue, human thermo-regulation or blood flow.

The current challenge is to use electromagnetic simulation to establish the reciprocal interaction between devices, to be able to develop solutions that minimise the effects on the human body.

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