Nuclear power plants

Beyond 40 years

Since 1979 Principia has worked extensively for the nuclear industry. We simulated the impacts of Phantom aircraft on the German nuclear reactors. We analysed plants on seismic isolation in South Africa and Iran.

We studied severe accidents in steel, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete containments. We developed site-specific spectra for the British nuclear plants. We investigated impacts of transport flasks for spent fuel and radioactive waste, impacts of spent fuel elements onto storage racks, stress corrosion phenomena, etc. We also participated in various international research programs dealing with constitutive behaviour of concrete, response to severe accidents, etc.

Principia continues offering those services today. We are involved in the ongoing review of the seismic design of all the nuclear reactors in Spain, establishing the hazards of seismic origin for the planned Hinkley Point C plant in the UK, or participating in the design of the fusion ITER facilities in France. For the plants that reach the end of their design life, the activities related with life extension, subject to new regulatory requirements, are also very significant.

PRINCIPIA Proyectos - Centrales nucleares
PRINCIPIA Proyectos - Centrales nucleares