PartSupply: An online library for CAD users of Dassault Systèmes

16-07-2021 | Posted by Principia

PartSupply Components As a Service

To expedite the design process, Dassault Systèmes makes the PartSupply library available to all its CAD users, fed by manufacturers using its software and allowing access to the large number of components daily added to its database.

PartSupply appears to be a stranger with an enormous potential. Most CATIA V5 users are unaware of its existence in spite of having access to it.

A CAD user can incorporate its components to his designs, taking advantage of the useful information that accompanies each published component.

PartSupply Components As a Service - gráfico

Who can use it?


To access this library all you need is a 3DS Passport account.

Once inside, PartSupply components can be incorporated to ongoing designs with CATIA V5 (or SolidWorks). All library components are available in native format.

Manufacturers of normalised products can publish their components to make them available to users who can then insert them into their designs.PartSupply Components As a Service - interfaz

Main features


PartSupply offers many functionalities, including:

  • search by component type (after ECLASS 9.1 or I.C.S. Classification) or by manufacturer,
  • apply filters to the search criteria,
  • search and compare similar components to the one selected,
  • preview the selected object (in 3D, photograph or catalogue image),
  • save as preferred components those more frequently used,
  • visualise and select the different configurations of a component,
  • get the component Part Number (associated with the CATPart),
  • get data about the component,
  • get the contact of the component supplier,
  • place the component in the appropriate CATProduct,
  • update the previous configuration.

PartSupply greatly simplifies the selection of commercial components, allowing the comparison of similar components, speeding up the construction of the final model.

Designers can also recover existing data from past designs and use it to indicate to procurement where to get the commercial components used in the designs, thereby collaborating in this aspect of the process.

It is worth accessing PartSupply and perceiving first-hand what is available to CATIA V5 users. If, as we suspect, it is a stranger to you, we encourage you not to wait any longer.

And we are available to help if you encounter any problems!

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