Rocío Nuñez

Rocío Núñez

Commercial Director

Rocío Núñez has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from ICAI (Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, 1998), where she was Associate Professor of Elasticity and Strength of Materials for three years (1999-2002). She has also received and taught numerous courses, primarily in the areas of structural simulation, CAD/CAE tools, composite materials and technological innovation.

Following completion of her university studies she joined MSC Software, where for 9 years she was involved in consultancy and commercial activities in relation with the company’s software.

She moved to Principia in 2007, where she was given overall responsibility for managing Principia´s business area related with Dassault Systèmes Solutions, which Principia represents in Spain and Portugal since the late eighties, and which nowadays spans the CAD, CAE, CAM and PLM domains.

Rocío Núñez initiated her professional career specialising in the numerical simulation of the complex structural problems faced by her clients. She was active in many industrial sectors, with contributions especially noteworthy in the automotive area (impact analyses, global or partial models of the structure of various vehicles, etc) and the aerospace sector (simulation of the behaviour of different aircraft structures, development of methodologies for verification of FE models, etc.).

Apart from those industrial sectors, Ms Núñez has also been active in a wide range of industries sharing similar needs, such as the energy generation based on renewable sources, the design and construction of mechanical parts, or biomedical companies.

Due to her accumulated experience in different domains, Rocío Núñez is today recognized as a trusted professional helping companies to reach their targets in product development through the implementation of CAD-CAE-CAM and PLM tools.

Besides Spanish, she also speaks English and has moderate knowledge of French.