Pablo González

Project Engineer

Pablo González has a first degree in Industrial Engineering (Universidad Carlos III, 2015) and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Organization (Universidad Carlos III, 2020). His doctoral thesis dealt with “Analysis and modelling of the behaviour of carbon/epoxy laminates during impact”.

Prior to joining Principia, Dr. González gathered a certain industrial, research and teaching experience in the area of computational mechanics. In particular, he gained considerable experience in solving dynamic problems for the aerospace industry.

His incorporation to Principia took place in 2019. While in Principia, it is worth highlighting his contribution to the study of impact problems, as well as to the dynamic analysis of structures. Some examples are the study of the crashworthiness of train engines, the seismic qualification of cubicles for the ITER facilities, the design of protective structures against the drop of electrical conductors,and the analysis of glazing envelopes against terrorist explosions.

He is the author of 4 technical publications, all of them international. Besides Spanish, Mr. González is also fluent in English.