Javier Rodríguez

Technical Director

Javier Rodríguez has two first degrees, one in Civil Engineering (Madrid School of Civil Engineering, 2000) and one in Mathematics (UNED, 2003), as well as a PhD in Civil Engineering (Madrid School of Civil Engineering, 2003). He is currently the Technical Director of Principia.

In 1999 he was an intern in the R&D Department of NECSO, where he was later employed as an Engineer during 2000-01. Under a scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Technology, he then went to the Department of Continuum Mechanics in the School of Civil Engineering in Madrid, where he worked on the simulation of arterial walls and blood flow, combining it with some teaching activities in the Department.

Dr. Rodríguez joined Principia in 2003, where he has worked in the numerical solution of a great variety of problems. One of his more significant contributions are the studies carried out for dams undergoing concrete swelling phenomena. He has also conducted many studies of fluid-structure interaction to evaluate the seismic performance of dams, the new locks of the Panama Canal, large pressure transients and cavitation in a penstock distributor, etc.

Dr. Rodríguez has also led a large variety of studies in relation with wind towers, particularly in respect of dynamic and fatigue phenomena, including both concrete and steel towers, onshore and offshore. He has investigated the vibrations of aircraft engines, the perforation of reinforced concrete slabs by soft and rigid missiles, the dynamics of bridges, etc. Perhaps worthy of special mention are his activities in the context of storage tanks for liquefied natural gas, for which he has studied seismic effects, explosions, leaks, and other postulated events.

He is the author of about 50 technical papers published in conferences, congresses and specialised journals. Besides Spanish, Dr Rodríguez is also fluent in English.