Javier Reboul

Javier Reboul

Project Engineer

Javier Reboul has a first degree in Industrial Engineering (Universidad Carlos III, 2012), an MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Universidad Carlos III, 2013), and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Organization (Universidad Carlos III, 2018). His doctoral thesis dealt with “Constitutive models for ductile materials subjected to complex static and dynamic loading conditions”.

Prior to joining Principia, Dr. Reboul accumulated a certain industrial, research and teaching experience. His incorporation took place in 2017, shortly before defending his PhD thesis.

After his incorporation to the company, he has continued working in the computational mechanics area. Perhaps especially worth highlighting are his contributions to the analysis of industrial equipment subjected to complex thermal and mechanical demands.

He has also participated in various studies dealing with fracture mechanics and fatigue in metallic materials, and worked on the numerical analysis of problems involving the extrusion of polymers. More recently, he has gained experience in the simulation of electromagnetic problems.

He is the author of 7 technical publications in conferences and academic journals, several of them international. Besides Spanish, Mr. Reboul is also fluent in English.