Francisco Riera

Director of Projects

Francisco Riera is a Mechanical Engineer (Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral, Ecuador, 1998) and has a PhD in Mining Engineering (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 2004). He is currently Project Director in Principia.

During his studies, he was an intern at Cemento Nacional (1997), working on the construction of an electricity generating plant in Guayaquil. His Degree Project was carried out at the School of Mines in Madrid, where he analysed impacts of radioactive waste canisters. His doctoral work dealt again with problems associated with canisters for nuclear waste and irradiated fuel.

Since joining Principia in 1999, he has participated in a large variety of projects, mainly related with the dynamic analysis of structures: impact, metal forming, collapse, etc. He was particularly active in the aerospace sector and accumulated considerable experience analysing composite parts under static and dynamic loads, with emphasis on bird impacts and other fast transients.

Apart from the aeronautical field, he has also worked in the geotechnical area, analysing ground stability and porous flow problems; his contribution to the investigation of the causes of failure of the Aznalcóllar tailings dam is notable in this regard. And, on the line of his doctorate work, Dr Riera has worked on a number of projects dealing with the mechanical and thermal behaviour of flasks for storage and transport of radioactive materials.

In fluid mechanics, Dr Riera has carried out many projects on the dispersion of effluents in water bodies, and participated in other projects, like the simulations of the extraction of fuel from the Prestige tanker.

Apart from the above activities, in recent times he is particularly involved in managing projects to help other companies to improve their engineering processes in product design and manufacturing.

Dr Riera is the author of 7 technical publications. Besides Spanish, Dr Riera is also fluent in English.