MODSIM: simulation-driven modelling

12-05-2022 | Posted by Joaquín Martí

modsim modelización simulación

MODSIM is an abbreviation of modelling and simulation, a subject to which Dassault Systèmes recently dedicated a webinar joined by peers around Europe. A few titbits follow that you may find of interest.

Peter Krantz, CATIA Sales Director, EuroNorth, Dassault Systèmes, stated: “A silent revolution is underway across industry sectors as greater numbers of leaders embrace simulation-driven design as a more efficient and effective solution to product innovation, development and manufacturing. Simulation-driven modelling and design (MODSIM) empowers your engineering, design and analyst teams to stay one step ahead by understanding and predicting product behaviour as early as possible in the development process.

“The job of engineering is changing. Engineers now need to design and simulate for the experience rather than the product. Teams need to work in a more collaborative way, removing the silos between design and all areas of manufacturing, including electronics, mechanical and software developers. They need a platform environment where everyone can see everything related to the product, where full transparency ensures that design and manufacturing is a direct execution of initial product specifications. MODSIM makes this happen”, said Olivier Sappin, Chief Executive Officer CATIA, Dassault Systèmes.

Regarding the transition to MODSIM and how it is impacting overall strategy in their businesses, Jose Garcia-Urruchi, Head of Digital Engineering Capability for Jaguar Land Rover: “We need to shorten the development cycles. We are moving towards a more agile operating model across the whole company, which will allow us to develop products in a shorter window of time – typically two weeks. 3DEXPERIENCE is becoming the backbone for engineering and manufacturing.” And Kent R. Johansson, Senior Technical Advisor at Scania: “I see MODSIM as simulation-based product development rather than design because it helps to shorten lead times and increase flexibility. At SCANIA we often talk about that the odd variants are the normal. With this approach we can simulate more variants and optimise them to fit the customers. We can forecast and problem-solve much earlier in the process. We can deliver better trucks and make our customers more successful.”

modsim modelización simulación

But there are challenges, as pointed out by Caroline Segersteen Runervik, Head of Market for Capgemini Sweden: “To succeed with agile engineering, change management is key. Change management is mainly about identifying stakeholder relationships, implementing proper communication and training, as well as addressing concerns and managing resistance.”

To reach the point in which simulation experts and product developers work closely together, with one manager overseeing the entire process: “Dassault Systèmes is offering a comprehensive framework for MODSIM with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It allows you to move simulation earlier into the design phase, eliminating the dependence on physical prototypes and to study a greater number of variants”, said Florian Jurecka, Vice President SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes.

The holistic approach to product development is not yet the norm across industries. But, with your leadership and support, this will change soon, if only because products are becoming more complex. 

An electric car, for example, consists of mechanical components, electrical systems, sensors, and software. Everything is intertwined. A small change in the shape of the car, the battery or air conditioning can have a major impact on range and driving comfort. In an ideal situation, all systems are simulated integrally; one big simulation in retrospect no longer suffices. Early and frequent simulations ensure a constant feedback loop, where your product designers can experiment with new materials and manufacturing methods. Even more advanced is the simulation where the end-user is invited to the virtual twin to experience the product. This leads to better and more innovative products, which go to the market faster.

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