How to improve planning in industrial project management

16-11-2022 | Posted by Principia

Cómo mejorar la planificación de proyectos industriales

When designing an industrial project, its various tasks are planned, involving different people along the project. This entails multiple contributions and document changes, performed as required by the needs of the project or the client.

A common procedure to monitor progress is to use spreadsheets or some specific project management software to know the current phase and the tasks outstanding.

The project manager updates the information upon satisfaction of certain milestones or when the customer requires it. Since it is not connected to the project evolution, the information cannot be viewed in real time, it requires someone to update it as progress is made.

How can the 3DExperience platform contribute to project management?

The 3DExperience Cloud platform allows working connected with a single source of data, operating with real time information, uploading any documentation as soon as it is created, and making it accessible to all project participants.

Cómo mejorar la planificación de proyectos industrialesAs each user introduces changes or modifications in his tasks they become automatically visible to the rest and, if so defined, trigger the dependent tasks to proceed with the development of the project. Hence, the project manager does not need to update regularly the information, the user connectivity allows managing implicitly the traceability of the various actions with real data about who, when, how, etc. introduced a certain modification.

Also, certain documents will require a series of internal validations prior to showing them to the client. The platform manages those information flows, and the approvals are reflected in the monitoring of the project evolution.

The value added by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with respect to other traditional project management tools is that it allows analysing all the information about the development of each task or phase, automatically alerting about possible deviations.

Besides, the 3DExperience platform is 3D native, which allows sharing file formats even if the customer does not have the specific software, viewing it on cloud. Thus, CAD design formats can be viewed by all project participants from any location or company without requiring the specific software.

Main problems solved by the 3DExperience platform

Managing projects with the 3DExperience platform allows:

  1. Sharing CAD and other documents even if the receiver does not have the software.
  2. Establishing project KPIs to analyse process performance.
  3. Multidevice monitoring, to show the client progress in real time. 
  4. Analysing and planning tasks to avoid conflicts in timing.
  5. Eliminating errors from multiple versions.
  6. Managing the various variants of a product.
  7. Monitoring to avoid excessive user workload.

Who has not encountered big problems arising from using different versions of the same document? Or seen that a project is assigned to someone already doing several more and hence overloaded? Or found that a phase of a project could be expedited?

Tell us how you would like to optimise your projects and we at Principia will show the possibilities to do it with the 3DExperience platform.

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