Electromagnetic simulation and RFID labels

27-08-2021 | Posted by Principia

Simulación electromagnética y etiquetas RFID

A critical aspect when developing a new product is its development time. Key aspects are identifying reliable delivery times for each project phase and being able to trust the results before launching. Particularly when the new product is custom-made for a client and when, besides the internal controls, an external organisation is checking that milestones and results are indeed being reached.

Numerical simulation provides a qualitative advantage here. For example, the development of RFID tags (those that end up as intelligent labels used nowadays by any IoT or IIoT system). Over the last decade, the RFID industry has grown exponentially in reach and production.

It is an industry in which reacting quickly and being effective go hand in hand. We at Principia have worked with Trace-ID to improve their development processes. As they describe in the paper “Rendimiento RFID: la tecnología 3D acelera el desarrollo de los identificadores RFID”, published in their magazine about the RFID industry, the use of CST Studio succeeded in reducing the development time and improving the reliability of the results prior to testing.

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