Stability of vials during transfer

Numerical simulation was used to determine the stability of glass vials in a transfer process. The overturning of one or more vials disrupts the process and lowers the efficiency of the installation.

The process was first modelled numerically and, once this was successfully achieved, appropriate recommendations could be produced to avoid the overturning incidents. The video shows a case in which vial overturning is predicted during the operation.

Feeding process for fibrous meat casings

The feeding process whereby a ribbon fibrous casing gradually adopts a cylindrical shape was simulated in order to determine the geometrical configurations that will prevent the formation of wrinkles and other instabilities in the material.

The simulation results allowed foregoing the support staff that was previously necessary in order to guarantee the quality of the final product.

Operation of syringes

A methodology was developed to simulate the operation of disposable syringes.

The object of the simulation was to determine the initial force required, that which had to be maintained to advance the plunger, and the conditions that guaranteed that the process would continue without leaks between the barrel and the plunger.

Superplastic forming

A number of alloys display superplastic behaviour when deformed in a certain range of temperatures and strainrates. Superplasticity refers to the ability to develop vary large permanent deformations without undergoing failure. This property allows manufacturing complex parts through a continuous deformation process.

The simulation of the process, an activity in which Principia has gathered considerable experience, makes it possible to calibrate the pressures and temperatures to maintain the superplastic response, and to predict the distribution of thicknesses and other characteristics of the resulting part. It also allows minimising the duration of the process in order to optimise the use of the equipment involved.

The figures show an aircraft part manufactured by this process, as well as the thickness distribution that results for a given set of forming conditions.

Principia realiza simulaciones de conformado superplástico de piezas

Forming of a bulb thread

The forming of some parts, however familiar they might result in everyday life, often gives rise to very arduous simulation problems. Nevertheless these problems must be tackled to design and optimise the forming process.

The figures were generated in analyses conducted in relation with the forming of bulb threads. The original thin metal sheet must be permanently deformed to acquire the final geometry of the bulb thread.


Principia realiza simulaciones para mejorar el diseño y optimizar el conformado de diferentes piezas En Principia somos especialistas en simulación para mejorar el conformado de piezas En Principia somos expertos en simulación para el conformado de piezas